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How to Build a Stronger Team
Leadership, Management

Challenge your People: Build a Stronger Team

Top performing organizations understand the importance of keeping people challenged. Without some reason to evolve, many people will begin to stagnate. Professionally, they will find a rut, stay in it and without much thought, whittle away ten years repeating the same basic tasks. Appropriately challenged, those same people could thrive and ultimately be more productive and happier doing it.

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Scale Your Busienss Tool Properly
Leadership, Management

Scale your Business Tools Properly

To cut wood, you can use an axe, a chainsaw, or maybe a mill. Each has radically differing capabilities, complexities, performance characteristics, maintenance costs, operating costs, training requirements, safety requirements; truly, the list is endless. There can be no argument that the axe is the simplest tool: it is the easiest to maintain, the easiest to serviceRead more

Wildwood Consulting: How do you eat an elephant?
Efficiency, Management

How do you eat an elephant?

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, of course. This is how we tackle impossibly large problems: one step at a time. We can break the largest of problems into smaller components, and if need be, sub-components. Smaller work scopes give us something much more manageable: tasks we can fully wrap our hands (and head) around. This concept is oft used in fields from engineering to software development, medicine to stock market analysis.

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Wildwood Consulting: Earnings Diversity: Cultivate It!
Management, Revenue

Earnings Diversity: Cultivate It!

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the organisms that tend to survive are the ones that are most adaptable to change. This observation is directly applicable to business on any number of levels: adaptability is always good. One can give your business income adaptability by focusing on earnings diversity.

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Wildwood Consulting: Young People in Leadership Positions
Leadership, Management

Young People in Leadership Positions

In a former career, I made CEO at the age of 30. It was not for a company you’d recognize, and our revenues were in the millions, not in the billions. I’m not pretending to be one of “those guys.” That said, I advanced quickly in a thriving company under demanding leadership. At a rather young age, I was in charge of a people, deals, projects: you name it.

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Wildwood Consulting: Leveraging Underutilized Resources

Leveraging Underutilized Resources

Have you ever wanted for a tool, only to find it after the job was done?  Through the course of business, we forget!  Preoccupied with a thousand and one issues to deal with we have a tendency to forget things that, if remembered, would make our lives much easier. What are these things?  Forgotten assets!  Hidden assets!

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