Business Expansion Plan

  • Business Expansion Plan

One of our oldest clients, the Center for Chiropractics, Sports and Rehabilitation delivers specialized health services in the city of Calgary, Alberta. Offering amenities that range from chiropractics to orthotics, acupuncture to massage therapy, CCSR offers a diverse and ever-expanding suite of professional healthcare services.

On behalf of CCSR, Wildwood put together a comprehensive business expansion plan detailing both ideas for expansion as well as a methodology under which to do so.

Leveraging CCSR strengths and aiming for low risk/high reward type propositions, Wildwood delivered a customized business expansion plan that was accurate, insightful and achievable. Our work was largely theoretical and focused mostly on expansion considerations, risk minimization, sub-contractor arrangements, expenditure control, manageability and other factors “that need to be thought about before doing anything.”

Using many of the ideas contained in our proposal, CCSR has successfully expanded their business and grown strongly in a local economy that is anything but strong. To this day, CCSR continues to expand profitably, manageably. We’re proud to play a small part in that!

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